It never gets easier!
Posted byJax on11/18/2005 2:13:18

Well it's friday, and I know everyone is going "Damnit Jax..Where is that new comic!?" And I don't blame you. I pretty much got all the coloring down, and I have one special panel that i'm working on for the comic, but I couldn't find what I was looking for to go in it. So I had to rethink it, and by this time it's too late. I still have to gather things for my interview tommorow so I can just get up in the morning, and go. If the interview doesn't run forever you may get the comic tommorow....If not then Saturday. For once it wasn't me just being late cause I suck. This time it was me being late because I want you guys to approve^^. Anyway it's time for your friday dose of Remy!

Wanna see the trailer for Johnny Depps newest movie...then check out
The Go-Go Joy-Joy Movie Column.

And also If you guys havn't noticed we have added the Child Play banner up at the top. I'm sure I will remind you again in greater detail very soon, but for now i'll just say it's a very worthy cause, and I'm broke, but will be donating out of my next paycheck. You can to by clicking the banner or going HERE.

Till Next Time!


P.S. May have some big news coming next week....Stay tuned!

I'm late, I'm late, I can't be late!
Posted byRemy on11/14/2005 23:59:00

I'm writing (and posting) this super-early, because it's almost time to head to the bar and watch the MNF game between the Cowboys and the Eagles. And after the fantasy football deal that I made last week, I suddenly have a heavy interest in this game!

But that didn't stop me from bringing you a movie column. Inside you'll find tons of news, something I've been admittedly slack on over the past few weeks. And since this column is usually very guy-news heavy, I decided to include a treat for the ladies!

The Go-Go Joy-Joy Movie Column - By Remy, Posted 11/15/05
"Ladies, this one is for you..."

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Let's go D-Mac!

"Spidey" spoiler time!
Posted byRemy on11/10/2005 23:59:00

It's another Friday here at [sic], and you know what that means - another edition of our should-be-award-winning movie column! Although today's edition isn't the wordiest I've ever submitted, it does have the first on-set pics from "Spider-Man 3!" And these aren't normal pics - oh no, this is a spoiler as to the villain that Thomas Haden Church is playing!

The Go-Go Joy-Joy Movie Column - By Remy, Posted 11/11/05
"'Spider-Man 3' villain pic inside!"

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And with that, time for the weekend...

Colts win in Foxboro?! Consider my week MADE!
Posted byRemy on11/8/2005 1:25:00

Yeah, I watched the game, and it's the reason that today's Go-Go Joy-Joy sucks so bad. Listen, I listened to Bill Simmons and the ESPN guys bash Peyton for years, so when I get the chance to watch them whip up on the Pats in New England, I'm going to take it! Unfortunately, that's going to hurt the whole site - short movie column, no webcomic script, the whole nine yards. But hey, the Colts won 40-21, so that's a price I'll gladly pay to the beer Gods!

The Go-Go Joy-Joy Movie Column - By Remy, Posted 11/8/05
"We interrupt this regularly scheduled program..."

Drop the hate, hate, hate on the forum - you think I care? Hells no, Peyton keeps me warm at night! Also, be sure to vote in the latest Sketch Battle - we love those guys - and the latest hawt comic!

And "listen to Jesus, Jimmy!"

Welcome back to hell!!!
Posted byJax on11/7/2005 2:18:26

Welcome back to the grind folks. Either you're going back to classes today, or you are heading to work. This week will be a bad one, well they have all been bad lately, but this one is just going to run horribly slow. Oh well....Nothing going up today, but once again I'm back in the ring at Sketch Battle, and having a damn good fight this week. So head on over that way, and vote for your favorite.

Also if you are fan of comic vixens then check out the top ten comic book vixens over at IGN.

Oh well till next time folks...also remember to VOTE! I will try and update the picture at buzz this week so keep voting to check it out.


National D&D Day is HERE!
Posted byRemy on11/3/2005 23:59:00

Only one flick that I'm looking forward to this coming weekend, but I've been wanting to see "Jarhead" for quite a while. I'm not the only one, though, because the buzz around this flick is pretty strong. It should compete for the top spot at the box office, but will it win in the face of strong competition? Read my movie column and find out!

The Go-Go Joy-Joy Movie Column - By Remy, Posted 11/4/05
"The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

Also, keep in mind that Saturday is National D&D Day! Gamers of the world, stand up and be counted!

Check out our forum and leave some feed[back, and be sure to vote for the webcomic. Also, Jax is in a heated Sketch Battle, so check it out and vote for who you think is the best. His opponent is Wayne at This Comic Sucks, so it should be a tight race!

*Edit by Jax - The battle is over, but you can still go and look^^*

Don't make me slap you with my +6 pimp hand of ho smackin'!

Posted byJax on11/2/2005 2:18:32

Well folks [sic] just had it's largest month EVAR, last month. I wanna take the time to thank all of our readers, and fans. We don't recieve a million emails like Penny-Arcade or anything, but pretty much the ones that we do get are all very positive, and or have constructive criticism, which is very welcome^^. If you have sen tus an email, and havn't got a response then please look for us on the forum. We are always hanging around there. Anyway I won't make this any longer so on with the show.

Miss Kris bring sus some anime goodness today with a review of Chrno Crusade...Check it out in todays Accompanied by a Lobster of Revenge.

Now two quick things. Another battle has begun at Sketchbattle, and this time it's against that dirty rotten Wayne of TCS. However he may of got the best of me this time...Go and choose which ever one turns you on the most.

And lastly...We decided to go with one vote banner for now, and while the month is anew we ask you our [sic]lings to vote for us...I promise it will only take a second, and you won't feel a thing.

Thanks, and till next time!


"Star Wars" and Bruce-Bruce!
Posted byRemy on11/1/2005 0:00:00

For those of you that missed seeing "Star Wars: Episode III" in theaters - all four of you - you get the chance to see it on Tuesday, when it sees its DVD release. But is it worth checking out? You'll have to read the column to know!

And if that's not enough, check out that teaser line! Yes, there's some BRUCE FREAKIN' CAMPBELL love inside!

The Go-Go Joy-Joy Movie Column - By Remy, Posted 11/1/05
"A Day in the Life of Bruce Campbell!"

Things are poppin' on the forum - drop in and tell us how you Halloween went!

Tuesdays suck...

Oh yeah, THAT will go over well...
Posted byRemy on10/27/2005 23:59:00

This is my last post before most of you hit your weekend Halloween parties, so let me clue you in as to what your favorite movie critic will be dressed as when he's getting all drunk. I'm going to be wearing raggedy clothes, I will not have shaved for a week or so, my hair is going to be a mess, I'll have an empty case of beer under my arm, and I'm going to be wearing a poncho that will say...

..."Katrina Refugee" on the back!

Yes, it's horribly wrong, but if you know me, then you know that it's right up my alley! I guess I'll have some fight stories next week!

The Go-Go Joy-Joy Movie Column - By Remy, Posted 10/28/05
"Excuses, excuses..."

Got a great Halloween costume? Make everyone jealous on the forum! Also, be sure to vote for the webcomic - Jax has narrowed the sites that we use down to one, so it's really quick!

EDIT! This just in! Another gauntlet has been thrown down on Sketch Battle, this war pitting our boy against theroutine. Check it out and vote for the best one!

Is there any wonder why this is my favorite time of year?

Gotta make it quick!
Posted byJax on10/26/2005 8:41:19

Once again I made the mistake of thinking I would have enough time to do this at the butt crack of dawn. So i'm updating to you from class today so I gotta hurry! So on with content yo!

Today our very own Kris dives head first into comics!? Check it out for yourself in todays Accompanied by a Lobster of Revenge.

*EDIT I wanted to mention two other things real quick. For one go check out Otaku-No-Yen. I found the most current PSA over there to be quite accurate and funny as hell. Second I have taken us off 3 voting sites and narrowed it down to one for now..SO please take a quick second to sling a vote out way and help us out..You can do it here or on the comic page. Thanks again! End Edit*

Also i'm trying something new in the forum to maybe get more people active...Check it out. Till next time!


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